Stock, Garber, and Associates, Inc. - Specializing in financial accounting, fund and corporate accounting, payroll HR, and related software systems to YMCAs and other organizations.

Stock, Garber, and Associates, Inc. (SGA) is a software development company that specializes in financial software, such as Fund and Corporate Accounting, Payroll, and related systems. We serve the public sector, for-profit agencies, private non-profit organizations, private industries, and YMCAs. Our company has been serving the public and private sectors for over 20 years with the focus to continually develop software packages and incorporate custom designs to suit our clients' needs. Our team of development, implementation, and support specialists provides a wide range of personal services and offer many years of experience in program development.

Service & Support

Though the quality of the products we offer is very high, we believe the #1 asset of SGA is our service. If a client has a question or needs help, our fast and efficient phone and email support is available. If on-site support is needed, we can almost always have someone respond the next day.

Featured Products
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Our software runs on Microsoft .NET, utilizing an SQL Server database.

We develop both Windows and Web applications.


Standard features in all of our systems

  • Customizable display properties including background (pictures) and color schemes from within an application (by user)
  • Standardized reports and queries, and the ability to design your own with ease
  • Get virtually anything in a print, preview, or Excel format
  • User name and password security levels to control the allow and update capabilities for all menu options
  • Extensive help for all systems

Helping YMCAs across the country manage their financial needs.

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